Dave Toland, a natural born Texan, met a home-grown country girl named Gladys in the summer of 1968.  Dave's original country love songs and romantic serenades gradually melted Gladys and she finally agreed to marry him!  So in south Phoenix in 1970 they got hitched!!


Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse in Scottsdale Arizona (the Original Cowboy Steakhouse since 1957) became Dave’s first long-term gig in the early 1970’s.  His popularity sparked a career of writing TV and Radio jingles in the local market.  The release of his first single “If You Like Country Music” received major airplay in and around the Phoenix area.  Adding harmonies and her own unique vocal style to the show, Gladys loving stood by her man and joined him in his career as a musician.  While raising 5 children, Dave and Gladys also performed in many shows, county fairs and concerts.  In the early 1980’s, the Pinnacle Peak chain asked this budding country artist to move to Milwaukee Wisconsin, as the featured act of the midwest Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse.

Shortly thereafter, Dave released the album “You Can’t Take Back the Kiss” which reached #2 on regional charts and caught the attention of a large agency that soon put Dave on the road.  Each summer Gladys and the kids would join Dave on the road; between Dave's touring schedules, the couple would perform 6 nights a week at the Longhorn Saloon, a club and restaurant they co-owned.  Soon “Dave Toland and the Armadillo Desert Band” were performing with famous acts such as The Oakridge Boys, Eddie Rabbit, Charlie Daniels Band, The Marshall Tucker Band, Ricky Nelson and more.


Being first and foremost parents, Dave and Gladys took a break from the road; they sold their interest in the Longhorn Saloon and moved to Colorado.  Here Dave was asked to play a long-term gig at the famed Zanzibar Dance Hall, featured in movies such as the Eastwood film “Every Which Way But Loose”.  Dave's popularity in Denver led him to produce and star in a local cable TV show called “If You Like Country Music”.  


After supporting her husbands career for decades, Gladys wanted to move to the tropics, namely Hawaii.  Dave followed and was asked to perform in many venues on the island, including a regular show at Bongo Ben's Island Cafe on the Kona coast.  While adapting his country roots to the island feel, he renewed his career of writing jingles for local businesses and clubs and also produced and released 2 albums.  “Islands, Sailors and the Sea” received and is still receiving airplay all over the island; and the album “In An Island State of Mind”, a tribute to Dave’s love of traditional country music and Jimmy Buffet, has sold thousand of copies locally and has received worldwide airplay.

With Randy McDonald, Dave and Gladys traveled to Arkansas to produce the country album “Didn’t I Let You Drive My Truck”, the title song received national attention and eventually charted #38 on the ECMA charts.  From this album, the song “South Texas Bordertown” received chart action on the National Cashbox Independent charts in 2013.  Next Dave and Gladys recorded an album of traditional country originals and duets entitled “A Couple of Old Fiddles”.


Dave and Gladys have been singing and performing together for more than 40 years.  Their harmony, which comes from a oneness of thought and their life commitment, is truly unique.  Audiences are moved and entertained by the interaction, honesty and playful banter that emanates from Dave and Gladys’ live performances.  As the song “Like a couple of Old Fiddles” says “The older the fiddle, the sweeter the music”  Dave and Gladys are just like a couple of old fiddles, only getting better with time.

What's Next

A lifelong love of old westerns and Zane Grey novels has inspired Dave to write and record his own western novel, which will be released soon as an audio book! We are currently planning an preparing for a month long tour on the mainland; followed by new and exciting venues in Hawaii.  Join our mailing list to keep up to date on show schedules and locations!


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